It Is Impossible - A Modern Building Without Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcing mesh is made of the orthogonal wires are welded by spot welding in the intersections. Depending on the diameter of the wire divided into light and heavy type. Heavy mesh wire has a diameter of 12 mm or more, well light mesh wire diameter of 3 to 12 mm. The most popular models - mesh 50 × 50, 100 × 100 and 150 × 150 mm.

Welded mesh reinforcement is usually used for the reinforcement of road surfaces, masonry walls, as well as for the manufacture of various fences. Such a mesh can significantly increase the earthquake resistance of the building, as well as significantly extend the service life.

Welded reinforcing mesh mainly used for masonry mesh, floor and road work.

Masonry reinforcement mesh for the reinforcement of concrete structures. It is necessary to significantly increase the strength of brick and stone masonry. It can withstand a variety of climate conditions while retaining its original structure. It has a width of 1.5 to 2.3 meters and a length of 3 to 6 meters. The diameter of each cold drawn wire may be from 3 to 5 mm. The thicker the grid rods (4–5 mm) are used most often for the construction of large-scale. Well, for the construction of a private house 3 mm wire masonry mesh will be sufficient to use a grid with a wire diameter of 3 mm. Mesh shape can be square or rectangular, depending mainly on the size of a brick that is placed for erecting walls. The standard mesh opening can be considered 50 × 50 mm, 100 × 100 mm and 50 × 100 mm.

Mesh reinforcement for the floor. This mesh is packaged in roll form. It is very convenient for delivery, because the diameter of the wire used is relatively small. The length of such a mesh size not more than two meters, which facilitates its transportation.

Reinforcement mesh used in road works. Reinforcement mesh used in road works to strengthen the road surface. This mesh is made from stainless steel with diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm, or 5 mm. Its composition with low carbon content allows qualitatively strengthen road terrain. They have a long service life. The reinforcing road mesh is the most cost-effective option for construction and repair of roads, bridges, and large industrial plants. Usually, road mesh opening in sizes 50 × 50 mm, 100 × 100 mm, 125 × 125 mm, 150 × 150 mm. Its sheet sizes may be 1.5 × 2 m, 2 × 3 m, 2 × 6 m.

Welded reinforcing mesh can not only used for road work, masonry reinforcement and floor reinforcing, but also used in landscape design for bank stabilization, protect the land from erosion, used for fence and frame construction. Concrete reinforcement bar also is the important material in construction, For example, the following picture shows Four skilled workers is bundling U-shaped steel reinforcing cage by rebar bar in China north water transfer project site.

Four skilled workers is bundling U-shaped steel reinforcing cage in the aqueduct site
Reinforcing bars is bundled in to U-shaped aqueduct cage for north water transfer project
At building construction site, five skilled workers is standing on concrete reinforcing mesh panels.
Reinforcing concrete bar mesh for building project.

Reinforcing mesh and bar are key component of reinforced concrete. Today, it is impossible that a modern building without reinforcement mesh or bar.

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