Bridge Concrete Reinforced Mesh- Used for Bridge Reinforced Structure

Bridge concrete reinforced mesh uses stainless steel rebar rods and galvanized steel rods as its materials, it has the resistance to corrosion, moreover, it is also resistant to crack and acid, and it increases the strength of formed concrete structures, therefore the mesh is widely used as bridge reinforced construction and building.

Pieces of bridge steel reinforced mesh have been installed on the construction site.
BRM-01: Bridge steel reinforced mesh used to reinforce the bridge.
Bridge welded reinforced wire mesh panels have been installed on the bridge construction site.
BRM-02: Bridge welded reinforced wire mesh can provide tensile strength to support the bridge.

Applications of bridge concrete reinforced mesh:

  • Concrete reinforced mesh is mainly used in construction reinforcement, like bridge girders, bridge spans, bridge decks.
  • It also uses in median barriers, tunnel segments, box culverts, airport and wharf and many other applications.

Features of bridge concrete reinforced mesh:

  • High strength.
  • Anti-crack and anti-shock.
  • Hot-dip galvanized or epoxy coating after the manufactures
  • Anti-corrosion, acid-resisting.
  • Easy to install

Specification of bridge concrete reinforced mesh:

  • Type: concrete mesh heavy type (diameter of rods above 12 mm) and light type (diameter of rebar rods from 3 mm up to 10 mm).
  • Material: stainless steel rebar rods, galvanized steel rods (with its excellent resistance to corrosion, galvanized reinforcing mesh can be successfully used in wet conditions).
  • Mesh shape: rectangular or square.
  • Distance between rods 100, 200, 400 mm.
  • Standard reinforcing mesh sizes are 6.0 m × 2.4 m. And 4.80 m × 2.4 m, 3.6 m × 2 m, 2 m × 4 m also offered.
A few pieces of reinforced mesh panels are stacked together.
BRM-03: Ribbed bridge reinforced steel rebar mesh provide the resistance to anti-crack.
Sheets of smooth welded reinforced mesh.
BRM-04: Smooth bridge welded reinforced mesh.

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