Concrete Reinforcing Mesh, Column, and Truss Mesh

Concrete reinforcing mesh 6 m × 2.4 m
Longitudinal Wire (6 m) Cross Wire (2.4 m)
Size (mm) Pitch (mm) Area (mm2/m) Size (mm) Pitch (mm) Area (mm2/m)
10 200 393 10 200 393
10 200 393 8 200 393
Mesh Light / Medium Mesh / Mesh Reinforced
Product Specification Mesh (cm) Wire Gauge (mm) 2.00 × 3.00 m Panel Weight (kg)
Mesh light 20 × 20 3.4 4.28
Medium mesh 15 × 15 3.4 5.84
Mesh reinforced 15 × 15 4.2 8.92

Description: Provided in different types, suitable for every use, the mesh besides making the work easier and faster, avoids the appearance of cracks, ensuring strength, durability and safety. The mesh is provided in size: 2 m × 3 m.

Applications: reinforced welded mesh is ready for building slabs and floors in small hardware works.

A rebar column with a uniform spacing of 20 cm between the stirrups.
Rebar column
A sheet of reinforced concrete mesh panel with 15 cm mesh holes and 4.2 mm wire.
Reinforced concrete mesh panel


  • Presentation: column rebar is made with the CA-50 and CA-steel stirrups 60, joined by spot welding. It comes in lengths of 6.07 m with a uniform spacing of 20 cm between the stirrups.
  • Description: build higher quality, convenience, faster and of course, more security and savings for work.
  • Applications: suitable for making beams, braces, columns, walls and locking walls, comes ready for use.

Truss mesh height 80 mm

  • Description: The truss mesh is manufactured with CA-60 ribbed steel, in lengths of 8 m, 10 m and 12 m.
  • Applications: Allows better adhesion to concrete and has a tremendous ability to overcome large spans and handle loads safely.
A truss mesh drawing plan
Truss mesh drawing

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